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Yield Property Services Ltd offer a coaching call with our director, Paul Taylor. Paul has experience in creating various streams of income and knowledge of many different property strategies such as - 

  • Raising private finance

  • Houses of multiple occupancy

  • Refurbishments

  • Title Splitting

  • Momentum investing

  • Outsourcing the processes to save your personal time

  • Running multiple projects in your spare time

  • Using financial instruments to hedge your investments

  • Buying property with none of your own money to make any profits you make an infinite Return on Investment

A one hour coaching call is only £197.00 

Calls can be made via phone or Skype where you can discuss stacking a deal, exit strategies, advice on how to increase your profits or even an action plan to get you started on your investment journey.


If you feel you would benefit from a coaching call with Paul then please email to book your slot.


Payments can be made using a Credit/Debit card or Paypal below.

Payment is required prior to all calls.

We will ask you to complete a pre-call questionnaire so you can get the most out of your hour.

Please be aware that due to other business commitments there are only a limited number of coaching call time slots available.

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